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DACO Construction was founded in early 2015 to provide the best customer experience in the construction industry. In the SF Bay Area, later expanding to beautiful Southern California. We know there are hundreds of firms that do the scope of work that DACO specializes in. The difference is the desire to keep the customer happy. 

DACO Construction strives to keep the customer happy from the beginning to the end of the project.  Some items that help set DACO apart from the rest of the industry are listed below. 

-Quick Proposals -We pride ourselves in providing customers their proposals in the time frame needed. We understand that construction projects can move very quickly and the time frames for proposals and bidding can change last minute. We guarantee that we will provide an estimate quicker than anyone in the industry. 

-Honesty- We NEVER tell a customer we will be on a project and no show. That is unacceptable for anyone and we would never do that to our customers. 

-Always Ready- We provide various customers 24/7/365 service, if needed. Our phones are always on and we have crews  and equipment available if an emergency occurs. We understand the importance of resolving emergencies for the health and safety of the communities that our customers serve. 

-Happy Employees- We believe that happy employees make happy customers. Our employees are treated like family. This translates to our customers having happy, hard working and  honest employees on their projects.


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